About Us

Wholesale Moissanite

An international wholesale to wholesale and wholesale to retail moissanite gemstone manufacturer and distributor.

With over 20 years in the wholesale gemstone industry, NEO Moissanite(TM) and NEO Gem Tray(TM) founder, Guy Stimpson has been at the forefront of moissanite innovation and new emerging created gem technologies. For the past 15 years Guy has been working with the worlds leading silicon carbide growing labs and cutting houses to find the best E-F color raw moissanite boules, with the best and most efficient and professional cutting houses who can deliver a final product with exceptional clarity and polish. All at the best possible price.

Guy’s passion for moissanite started in 1998, he was hired by C3 Inc. (now charles and colvard) as one of the first sales people for moissanite in the world. He spent many hours working with the likes of Earl Hines and Tommy Coleman some of the greatest minds in silicon carbide growth and cad programming. Guy’s passion for moissanite started young and has been a constant in his life to this very day. Through Guy’s expertise and product knowledge, Guy’s dream of 15 years has finally come to pass. Guy’s creation of the NEO brand Moissanite, “The Moissanite NEO” is exactly what he set out to accomplish with the best color, cut and clarity and price. The NEO brand Moissanite is in a class of it’s own, The NEO Moissanite brand is sold in to 18 countries and sells at a price that will make you smile.

NEO moissanite is a trade marked product solely owned and sold through Wholesale Moissanite LLC. 

NOTE: We continue to be a leading distributor for the Forever One through Charles & Colvard. The Forever One is a beautiful gemstone, not to be knocked in any way. The Neo Moissanite E-F color gemstones have the exact same appearance at a more friendly price. No matter which moissanite you want, we continue to strive to provide you, the retail jeweler with the finest moissanite and personal customer service.